Plaque psoriasis: it starts inside

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Plaque psoriasis shows up on the surface of the body, but unlike some common skin conditions, it’s actually an autoimmune disease that leads to inflammation you can’t see.2 Unless you treat plaque psoriasis from the inside, inflammation may continue to be present under the skin.2-4 If you’re impacted by itchy, flaky plaques, consider a treatment that targets them at the source.4,5

Person scratching their arm

Let us make some things clearer for you

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about plaque psoriasis.
the truth behind the myths you may have heard.


Plaque psoriasis won’t show up on sensitive areas like the scalp, genitals, and fingernails

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Plaque psoriasis could show up in new places that may be hard to reach and difficult to treat.2


You only need to treat the surface of the skin to manage plaque psoriasis

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What you put on your skin only treats the outside. Plaque psoriasis starts inside the body and should be treated from the inside.2


Topicals can help manage my plaque psoriasis even when I’m not experiencing symptoms

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Topicals can treat plaque psoriasis after symptoms appear on the skin, but not the underlying inflammation that causes plaque psoriasis.1,2

  • Topicals
  • Managing your symptoms
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Topicals: What you may not know

Your doctor may have prescribed you a cream or ointment which can be useful in managing plaque psoriasis symptoms, but they can also be greasy and inconvenient to apply. It’s important to note these are medications too and must be used as prescribed.2,6,8

Some things to know:

  • Can be applied directly to your skin on affected areas (but only as prescribed)7
  • Some may increase skin hydration8
  • May manage symptoms, some for a limited time8
  • Some are limited to use only on specific body areas7
  • Can be messy, sticky, or greasy8
  • Topical steroids may cause skin thinning, even on stubborn plaques9

What if there was another option?

Time for a change?


If you’re treating with topicals, a mess of moisturizers, or covering up with a long-sleeve shirt, you may be working too hard. The good news? You can work with your doctor to manage your plaque psoriasis and discuss your treatment options.


First thing in the morning, I’m having to shower [the topicals off] and it’s like oily and greasy and nasty and I’d have to shampoo twice. With new people, various jobs [I wonder] ‘What am I wearing and is it light colored? Do I smell from these oils or creams?’’’

-Plaque psoriasis patient

An oral treatment option: psomething different for clearer skin

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Even if it feels like your symptoms aren’t that bad, oral treatments could still help. They go where topicals can’t, treating from within to reduce inflammation where it starts.3-5 If you’re looking to target itchy, flaky plaque psoriasis from inside the body, it may be time to talk to your doctor.

Young woman on her laptop

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